The Orti di Schito company was born from a shared project of Salvatore Di Ruocco and Pasquale Pane to give continuity to the work of the whole life of their parents, specialized in the cultivation of the Artichoke Violetto di Schito and the Canario bean.

The company works according to the principles of biological control, in order to guarantee more and more a product free from aggressive pesticides.

It aims to become one of the flagships of the area that the Romans called “Terra Felix” in the immediate future.

She has specialized above all in the cultivation of the Artichoke Violetto di Schito.

Orti di Schito left to develop his project based on a symbiotic relationship with the mother-earth: in fact, intensive crops are not adopted, vegetables and legumes do not undergo any stress during the delicate phase of growth and maturation, and the collection takes place only in optimal conditions.

In the fields of property, which also embrace peculiar microclimates, Salvatore and Pasquale, in absolute harmony with Nature, have created real ecosystems, fully protecting the extraordinary biodiversity of the areas cultivated with beans, artichokes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and all that mother nature can grant.

Since 2015 Orti di Schito has participated in the Slow Food Earth Market, held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, in the town of Piano di Sorrento, agreeing to collaborate with the Volunteer Agronomists of the Slow Food Sorrento Coast and Capri association, respecting the philosophy and guidelines of Earth Markets.