“Orti di Schito chooses and cultivates the excellence of the territory with passion, you rediscover the genuine pleasures of tradition without sacrificing the reliability of raw materials”

Why choose Orti di Schito

“We have a precious capital at heart: our territory”. This is the claim that accompanies the new communication campaign of Orti di Schito, born from the conviction that our land represents our past and our future.

This is where our history and the traces of those who preceded us are, and this is where our future and that of the next generations are played out. Through today’s choices, we build the future of those who will come after us and prepare a sustainable future that guarantees well-being for all.

This is why we know that our doing business is inextricably linked to our reference territory: our resources are resources with a specific local matrix; our partners are people, families, local businesses; we win if our community also wins.

A Schito, a hamlet of Castellammare di Stabia (Naples), already known in Roman times as “Orti di Schito” due to its horticultural vocation, produces a variety of artichoke also known as Violetto di Castellammare or, indeed, Schito artichoke, although also known in other places in the Vesuvian area.


The peculiarity that increases the interest in this vegetable is the ancient cultivation technique that was and still is practiced and which consists in covering the first apical inflorescence (called mum or mammolella) with terracotta cups (the pignatte or pignattelle) made by hand by local artisans. The protection from the sun’s rays ensured by the pinion during the artichoke growth phase, makes it particularly tender and clear.


The central period of the production of this artichoke coincides with Easter, a feast with which it has strong links on the gastronomic level. In fact, the roasted artichoke is the symbolic dish of Easter Monday. It is used whole, cooked directly in the embers of a barbecue. The cooking lasts about half an hour, after which it is cleaned of the roasted leaves, seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley, fresh garlic and a drizzle of oil and consumed in combination with the sausages of the rural tradition: salami and soppressata.

Orti di Schito has developed its project based on a symbiotic relationship with the mother-earth: in fact intensive crops are not adopted, vegetables and legumes do not suffer any stress during the delicate phase of growth and maturation, and the harvest takes place only in optimal conditions.

In the fields of property, which also embrace peculiar microclimates, Salvatore and Pasquale, in absolute harmony with Nature, have created real ecosystems, fully protecting the extraordinary biodiversity of the areas cultivated with beans, artichokes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and all that mother nature can grant.



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